Addictive Personalities… harder to quit?

March 29th, 2010

Just been listening to an interview on the radio where they were talking about drug users being forced to stop their “using” by being locked away, ¬†forced to go “cold turkey” until they were drug free.The responses that this conversation was getting from listeners¬†was one of outrage… people seemed upset that this sort of method was even being contemplated.Especially, they pointed out, when there were better ways, and more supportive ways, to help people give up their addictions.Someone rang in and said, “but some people just have an addictive personality, and therefore, nothing will stop them in the long run!”So, I started thinking about this issue.Do some people really have an addictive personality? If so, what specifically is characteristic of an addictive personality type?In my experience, having helped hundreds of people stop smoking, I have always seen smoking as a habit which is reinforced by the nicotines addictive qualities.Therefore, my own view is that someone with an addictive personality is neither any more or less likely to struggle with giving up smoking.The other question that I would like to throw out there (in many ways just to create some food for thought) is as follows:Are addictions bad for you?Is it a bad thing to have an addictive personality?One could argue that there are many great, successful and powerful individuals who have achieved their elevated status because of their addictive personalities.No… not because they smoked, or drank etc. but because they were addicted to being productive, responsive and sensitive. Individuals who felt compelled to achieve and addicted to the idea of living positively on a daily basis.Is there such a thing as a positive addiction?In the past, when I have worked with smokers and helped them to quit in the long term, rather than taking away their addiction I have used special techniques to help people become more addicted to becoming healthy.In some cases, this has worked very well but now wondering whether this works best with a particular personality type.Just some of my current thoughts.Feel free to comment love to discuss this further.

New Blog…twitter followers should check it out!

March 28th, 2010

The new Beat the Craving Blog is launched… we will post updates twitter to let everyone know about any updates. You will be able to see current RSS new feeds relating to smoking and health, and get top tips and tricks that will help you in practical way to stop smoking and become smoke-free in the long term.

The first Beat the Craving Blog

March 28th, 2010

Well… this is a monumental moment…I am sitting here writing the first Beat the Craving blog.I am hoping over time that this can become a collection and resource of great information, tips, tricks and methods that can help everyone to stop smoking and beat the craving for good.For all of my followers on twitter. I will be sending out updates of the blog as and when…Hope to hear from you all soon.Howard Coopercigarette-butt.jpg